Each image in the 'film-strip' selector corresponds to a single Hamburger Hamilton (& EGK) Stage.

There isn't a 1:1 correspondence between Hamuburger Hamilton Stage and Age (days post conception or dpc).

For each Hamburger Hamilton (& EGK) stage there will be an age range and an age corresponding to our model. If you 'mouse over' the film-strip images you will see the corresponding age range highlighted in magenta on the 'age scale-bar'.

The following Acronyms have been used in the Age box:

Hours Before Laying
Newly Laid Egg
Hours Post Laying
Days Post Laying
Freshly Hatched Egg

By default Hamburger Hamkilton stage 26 is selected (indicated by a green border round the film-strip image). To choose a different stage, either click on a different film-strip image or click on the up/down arrows in the stage selection box at the left-hand side of the selector. The age range corresponding to the selected Hamburger Hamilton stage will be highlighted in green on the age scale-bar.

To move the film-strip, either use the left/right arrows (at the top left-hand side of the selector) or 'mouse down' and drag sideways in the film-strip.

You may prefer to specify an age rather than a Hamburger Hamilton (& EGK) stage and you can do this either by clicking on the age scale-bar or by clicking on the up/down arrows in the age selection box at the left-hand side of the selector. Your selected age will be indicated by a red 'cursor' on the age scale-bar.

If your selected age could correspond to more than one Hamburger Hamilton (& EGK) stage, the appropriate film-strip images will have a red border. You must now select a Hamburger Hamilton stage from the film-strip images with the red border.