Frequently Asked Questions

What Is?

What is ECAP?

What is ECA?

What is ECAGE?

Q. What is ECAP? A. The e-Chick Atlas Project.

ECAP is a collaboration between the following institutions:

  1. The Roslin Institute,
  2. The Human Genetics Unit, Medical Research Council,
  3. University College London,
  4. The University of Bath and
  5. Trinity College Dublin

ECAP is supported by a grant from the BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council), UK

Resources provided by ECAP are the ECA Anatomy Atlas of Chick Development and the ECAGE Gene Expression Database.

Q. What is ECA? A. The e-Chick Atlas.

ECA is a resource describing the anatomy of the chick embryo.

Q. What is ECAGE? A. The e-Chick Atlas of Gene Expression.

ECAGE is a database of in situ gene expression data in the mouse embryo and an accompanying suite of tools to search and analyse the data.