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Hamburger and Hamilton Stage 36

HH36 (10 days).
Distal segments of limb proportionately much longer.
Length of third toe, from tip to middle of metatarsal joint = 5.4 0.3 mm.
Tapering primordia of claws just visible on termini of toes and on digit 1 of wing.
Primordium ofthe comb appears as prominent ridge with slightly serrated edge along dorsal mid-line of beak.
'Labial groove' clearly visible at tip of upper jaw, but barely indicated on tip of mandible.
Nostril narrowed to a slit.
Length of beak from anterior angle of nostril to tip of bill = 2.5 mm.
Flight feathers conspicuous; coverts just visible in web of wing.
Feather germs cover tibio-fibular portion of leg.
>= 9-10 rows of feather germs between each upper eyelid and dorsal midline.
Sternal tracts prominent, with 3-4 rows on each side of ventral midline when counted in anterior part of sternum,
merging into many rows around umbilicus.
Nictitating membrane covers anteriormost scleral papillae and approaches cornea.
Lower lid has grown to level of cornea.


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