What is The e-Chick Atlas Project (ECAP)?

The e-Chick Atlas Project (ECAP) is a multi-disciplinary project which aims to establish a database of gene expression patterns during chick development, with cross comparisons to the e-Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (EMAGE).


The e-Chick Atlas Project is funded by a grant from the BBSRC, for the period of 2007 through to the end of 2012. This comparative resource is initially being populated with genes selected based on their expression in key signalling centres of the embryo (hypoblast, node, floor plate of the neural tube and polarizing region of the limb bud).

The e-Chick Atlas is available to whole Developmental Biology community in order to:

  1. increase knowledge on gene expression
  2. provide a common framework facilitating sharing of data
  3. cross-gene and cross-species comparisons and
  4. improve knowledge on embryonic anatomy and function.

Resources provided by the e-Chick Atlas Project are

  1. The e-Chick Atlas Anatomy Atlas of Chick Development (ECA) and;
  2. The e-Chick Atlas of Gene Expression Database (ECAGE).

The ECAP Consortium consists of 4 separate teams that provide complementary expertise for this coordinated effort, from the following institutions:


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